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Update Time June 28, 2020, 9:19 p.m.
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The 1st booking calendar compatible with Facebook and WordPress,easily turns visitors on Facebook and your website in customers. A+ Booking System will allow you to connect with Book Everything Unlimited. Book Everything Unlimited is a service that provides you booking services for any kind of space. ( Hotels, Houses, Apartments, Offices, Motels, Pensions, Villas, Hostels, and others.) Book Everything Unlimited will implement ,in the future, booking services for other kind of business models as well. Events booking plugin This booking plugin can be also used for any paid events as an event manager system. It can be used as an event scheduling system on your wordpress site. If you don't have a site our booking calendar plugin can be published on your facebook business page. Free PRO booking system. This PRO booking system will always be free and all PRO features will be activated. NOTE: To use this free online booking system you need to create an account on the Book Everything Unlimited.(It's free) VIEW OUR BOOKING CALENDAR DEMO:
  1. Booking Calendar Demo for english version
  2. Booking Calendar Demo for french version. (La démo du calendrier de réservation pour la version française)
  3. Booking Calendar Demo for german version. (Die Buchungskalender Demo für die deutsche Version)
  4. Booking Calendar Demo for italian version. (La demo del calendario di prenotazione per la versione italiana)
  5. Booking Calendar Demo for japanese version. (日本語版の予約カレンダーデモ)
  6. Booking Calendar Demo for russian version. (демонстрация календаря бронирования для русской версии)
  7. Booking Calendar Demo for romanian version. (Demo Calendar de rezervare pentru versiunea romana)
  8. Booking Calendar Demo for spanish version. (La demo del calendario de reservas para la versión en español)
Weekly News The Pay on arrival option has been created to allow your customers to book a room or service and pay for it at arrival (at your reception/office or via direct bank wire). Extensions This section has been added and we intend to create a lot of extensions for each type of business. Available extensions: - The Calendar Designer extension will help you color your booking calendar in colors that will match your site perfectly. - The Live Updates extension shows you in real-time what are the features recently added. Facebook Booking Calendar A+ Booking System is allowing you to share the booking calendar on your Facebook page, website, everywhere you want. So, your customers will be delighted because they will be able to book through our booking calendar on your Facebook page, website, our platform. [youtube] A+ Booking System has own cart which allow your visitors to reserve multiple rooms and period in same time from our free online booking calendar.
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Invoicing system for bookings Eliminate manual errors by automating your entire billing and invoicing operations with our booking system. For each reservation, this booking system will generate the invoice and send it to the customer by email. You will be able to easily manage invoices in our booking system dashboard. Online Payments in booking calendar Your customers can use their PayPal account to pay for bookings directly in the booking calendar. They can also pay by direct payment by credit card (without creating a PayPal account).The following cards are accepted by PayPal through our booking system: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, EnRoute … Free promotion in international booking platforms Each property added to our booking system will be reviewed by an expert booking advisor. The best spaces will be published in the Book Everything Unlimited booking platform and in all our partner's booking websites. A+ Booking System's Components Booking System Features Perfect for any kind of accomodation: hotel, hostel, villa, appartment... If you are a hotel manager your looking for a booking management solution for your wordpress site, our wordpress booking calendar could be a perfect fit for your online booking needs. This booking plugin helps you by allowing customers to make simple bookings with a friendly availability calendar. The end customer can see this clearly from the way the calendar is built with two colors. Available periods are marked in the reservation calendar with the green color. And with red color is marked the unavailable period when the hotel can't make a online booking. Easy to manage bookings and no headaches for managers with overbooking. The calendar syncing option avoids this and allows you to sync bookings. Even if you have bookings in google calendar, hotel reception,, airbn, iCalendar... Why to use this wordpress booking calendar plugin for events. It can be a useful tool for an event organizer to manage online bookings for event spaces. The plugin allows users to do fast bookings for salon booking, conferences rooms... Roadmap 2020 1 Online car rental. In the future this wordpress booking calendar plugin will have the posibility to used for online car rental. We will add in this feature in the wordpress booking dashboard. The customers will be able to book by selecting from the custom fields the booking period and brand. 2 Online booking for restaurants. In the availability calendar you will have the ability to set the tables configuration. Your customers will be able to start booking the wanted tables depending on the number of the persons. 3 Appointments scheduling system. One important feature of the wordpress booking calendar plugin will be for appointments and bookings. We will add this feature for  allowing customers to book online appointments in the availability calendar. How to add a booking to my WordPress booking calendar plugin. With the A+ Booking System - A+ booking calendar it is easy to make simple booking if you follow these steps. From the booking calendar's reservation page
  1. You select rooms from the booking calendar plugin widget that is searching availability to be sure you have the room available when you will want to book a date.
  2. From the booking calendar widget you select the desired period. The booking calendar plugin has the possibility to set a single day or more then one with our easy to use days option selector.
  3. You add the reservation in the booking calendar plugin cart and be sure that the availability time for the specific date or dates is available.
  4. You add your personal data in the booking calendar contact form and complete the payment that can be made via paypal.
From the booking calendar's plugin dashboard in the wordpress admin We wanted to create a easy to use booking calendar plugin for booking management that gives you the possibility to set even from the wordpress admin area. So here are the steps that you should follow to use our simple booking calendar plugin.
  1. You log into your wordpress site admin's area and go to the booking calendar plugin's admin panel.
  2. Click on the add reservation button. Then the booking calendar will display a booking form. From which you have the ability to set from the custom fields the availability time, select the rooms and set the contact details.
  3. After completing the contact form the booking calendar that we designed will do a availability checking. If the available selected days are free a booking appointment will be made.
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Upload the folder a-booking-system from the zip file to "wp-content/plugins" and activate the plugin in your admin panel or upload in the "wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add new" section.


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Is A+ Booking System free?

Yes! A+ Booking System’s features are and always will be free.

Should I purchase a paid plan?

Not necessary. We have also a PRO plan but you need it only if you have more than 5 spaces ( hotels, pensions... ) or 500 rooms for booking.

Why do I need a account?

Since A+ Booking System is using booking services which are provided and hosted by, a account is required for A+ Booking System to function.

How to create a account?

You can click on this link and create one.

How to connect your wordpress website to Book Everything Unlimited


How to add a space and publish it on your wordpress site



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