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Developer maerk
Update Time Dec. 31, 2008, 10:07 a.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 2.7 +
WordPress Version: 2.7






WordPress version 2.7 allows you to install plugins right from the plugin page in the admin area. If you can install plugins that way, go for it. If not, follow the normal procedures for installing a plugin in WordPress. There is no setup required: just install and activate.
  1. Unzip the files from the .zip file
  2. Upload them, making sure they are in a directory called admin-spam-colour-changer within the /wp-content/plugins directory. For example, /wp-content/plugins/admin-spam-colour-changer
  3. There are only two files required: a .php and a .css file, both with the filename colour-changer
  4. Activate the plugin as normal, and enjoy the normalcy that is restored to your admin panels!