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APPExperts - WordPress to Mobile App - WooCommerce to iOS and Android Apps

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Update Time Sept. 26, 2022, 5:06 a.m.
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WordPress Version: 6.0
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APPExperts is a freemium software that gives you the power to turn your WordPress-powered website into a mobile application for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. APPExperts provides mobility solutions for a broad spectrum of businesses, including blogs, eCommerce stores, CMS websites, and more. It's all about connecting different platforms to your application so users can reach you anytime, anywhere. [youtube]


  • **Plugin Installation**
  • **App Creation Page**
  • **Design Page**
  • **Custom Splash Screen**
  • **Search Functionality**
  • **App Customization**
  • **Content Management**
  • **Support for RTL Languages**


What is APPExperts?

APPExperts is a WordPress mobile app builder that gives users the power to create Android or iOS apps for their WordPress website.

How to get started?

Start by downloading, activating, and installing the APPExperts plugin on your WordPress website. You can then connect your plugin to the APPExperts platform where you will be able to design, customize and finalize your Android or iOS mobile app to perfection.

Is there a paid version of APPExperts?

The APPExpert WordPress plugin is free to download. However, the WordPress mobile app builder platform on the APPExperts website has a freemium model. You can enjoy most of the features for free but if you want to customize your Android or iOS app with premium features then you can sign-up for different pricing plans.

What technologies do APPExperts mobile apps use?

APPExperts is using flutter mobile application technology to create high-performing WordPress Andriod and iOS mobile applications. We also use APIs to get content from your connected website and allow you to use it within the WordPress mobile application builder.

What are the types of WordPress websites that APPExperts supports?

The plugin connects your website to a WordPress mobile app builder that supports all types of WordPress websites including WooCommerce.

How can I publish my mobile applications on the Apple store or Play store?

Once you're done creating your Android or iOS mobile app, you will be able to download the version from the APPExperts dashboard. We make sure that the applications are in compliance with the Apple Store and Google Play Store requirements and standards. And, that's it! Your application is ready for use - Publish it on Google Play and Apple Store.


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