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Developer knutsp
Update Time June 10, 2010, 2 p.m.
PHP Version: 2.7 +
WordPress Version: 2.9.2


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This plugin is dying. Update to disable functions and services no longer avaiable. BUT: This plugin may add a few ordninary XML-RPC pingback services. Currently included: NOTES: This plugin lets you easily add or remove these services without copying and pasting their ping-URL into the 'Ping services' field onthe 'Options - Writing' page.


  1. Upload the contents (zipped subfolder 'autoping-norway') to 'wp-content/plugins/' of your WordPress site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins - Installed' page under WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Optionally, configure wanted pingback services under 'Settings - Autoping Other'.
  4. If you want to use "Blopp", visit either the 'Users - Autoping Blopp' or the 'Settings - Autoping Blopp' page and follow the instructions for registration.
  5. Optionally, configure automatic category selection using the 'Posts - Autoping Categories' page under WordPress Dashboard.


When will pinging the service "Blogglisten", as indicated in an earlier version, be available?

This is not decided. I don't even know if they will allow automatic pings. At last it's a bit complicated because they use form based pings only, and have no separate interface for automated pings.


Version 2.6.3, June 10, 2010 Version 2.6.2, August 4, 2009 Version 2.6.1, July 20, 2009 Version 2.6, July 16, 2009 Version 2.5.1, June 20, 2009 Version 2.5, June 19, 2009 Version 2.2, June 11, 2009 Version 2.1.1, June 2, 2009 Version 2.1, May 27, 2009 Version 2.0, March 3, 2009 Version 1.0, November 6, 2006