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BBCode Deluxe

Developer DevynCJohnson
Update Time Aug. 1, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 3.9 +
WordPress Version: 5.5
Copyright: GPLv3
Copyright URL: Copyright Information


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NOTE: I did not notice that users posted issues and ideas in the "Support" column until the end of July 2020. If you have issues, feel free to email me directly. In addition, if you are going to post a poor review concerning an issue, have you considered emailing me? Also, most or all of those issues have no been resolved. BBCode Deluxe adds BBCode markup (and other shortcodes) to Wordpress and BBPress. These BBCodes create HTML5 tags, so be sure that your site supports HTML5. The plugin also creates a backend page that provides the administrator with information about the server including the version of PHP being used. Go to to see a live demonstration of this plugin in use. This plugin also supports nested [quote] shortcodes such as [quote]Outer Quote[quote]Inner Quote[quote]Deep Quote[/quote][/quote][/quote]. BBCode Deluxe works perfectly fine with Enlighter (by Andi Dittrich) as long as you set Enlighter's priority to "12". This plugin includes code that derives from the below listed developers and their plugins. Feel free to submit suggestions, bug reports, concerns, etc. to me. If a user donates more than twenty USD to my PayPal account, then I will give that user my phone-number to allow the user to call me for bug reports, suggestions, help, concerns, etc. The BBCodes can be typed in all lowercase or all uppercase, but the opening and closing BBCodes must match. For instance, [b]bold[/b] == [B]bold[/B]. As for attributes, BBCodes that only except one attribute at most can be written in one of two formats - [abbr="HyperText Markup Language"]HTML[/abbr] or [abbr title="HyperText Markup Language"]HTML[/abbr]. `Inline Styling Bold: [b]bold[/b] [strong]bold[/strong] Italic: [i]italic[/i] [em]italic[/em] Underline: [u]underline[/u] Strikeout:[s]striked-out/strike-through[/s] [del]deleted[/del] Color (name): [color color="blue"]named blue[/color] Color (hex string): [color color="0000ff"]hex blue[/color] Color (hex number): [color color=#00ff00]this is green instead of blue[/color] Center Text: [center]center me[/center] Font Size: [size size=10]10px font size[/size] Justify Alignment: [justify]justify text[/justify] Left Alignment: [left]left-aligned text[/left] Subscript: [subscript]subscript text[/subscript] Superscript: [superscript]superscript text[/superscript] Right Alignment: [right]right-aligned text[/right] Reverse Text: [reverse]reverse text[/reverse] [bdo]reverse text[/bdo] Images, Links, and Embedded Content Email: [email]text[/email] [email][/email] Freesound: [freesound]ID[/freesound] [freesound=large]ID[/freesound] Gvideo: [gvideo]ID[/gvideo] Image: [img][/img] [img img=DCJTech Logo][/img] Telephone: [tel]text[/tel] [tel][/tel] URL: [url][/url] [url=]DCJTech[/url] Vimeo: [vimeo]ID[/vimeo] Youtube: [youtube]ID[/youtube] Quotes Cite: [cite]Relevant source[/cite] Quote: [quote]KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid[/quote] Quote (NAME): [quote quote=NAME]Life is what you make of it[/quote] [quote="NAME"]Persistance is the main ingredient for success[/quote] Quote (author=NAME): [quote author=NAME]Quitters never succeed, and successors never quit[/quote] [quote author="Martin Jones"]Kissing arses is pointless. However, knowing whose arse to kiss and whose to kick and when is priceless.[/quote] Code Computer Code: [code]function HelloWorld($greet = 'World') { return 'Hello '.$greet } [/code] Keyboard Keys: [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd]+[kbd]S[/kbd] [keyboard]Ctrl[/keyboard]+[keyboard]S[/keyboard] Lists Ordered Lists: [ol][li]Ordered-list[/li][/ol] Unordered Lists: [ul][li]Unordered-list[/li][/ul] Tables Table: [table] Thead: [thead] Tbody: [tbody] Tfoot: [tfoot] th: [th] tr: [tr] td: [td] Special/Miscellaneous Content Abbreviation: [abbr title="HyperText Markup Language"]HTML[/abbr] Client IP: [ip/] Horizontal Ruler (Line): [hr/] Hide and Display Content Contents appear to registered users: [user]This is a secret message[/user] Contents appear to non-registered users: [guest]Login to see less ads and content hidden from guests. (CODE TO DISPLAY AD)[/guest] Spoiler: [spoiler]Surprise![/spoiler] Spoiler (Named): [spoiler spoiler=one plus one]is 10 (in binary)[/spoiler] Useragent: [useragent/]` [quote quote=NAME]QUOTE[/quote] will render as <div class="bbcode-quote bbcode-quote-NAME"><strong>NAME wrote: </strong><blockquote>QUOTE</blockquote></div> If "NAME" matches the login name of a user on the system, it will render as <div class="bbcode-quote bbcode-quote-user bbcode-quote-NAME"><strong>DISPLAY_NAME wrote: </strong><blockquote>QUOTE</blockquote></div> Where "DISPLAY_NAME" is the display name that user. With BuddyPress installed, the name also becomes a link to their profile page. Otherwise, if BBPress is installed, it becomes a link to their forum user-page.


  1. Upload the "bbcode-deluxe" folder and its contents to the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress

Upgrade Notice:

Migrating from "bbpress2-bbcode" to "BBCode Deluxe" maybe desirable to many admins for updates, new features, optimization, and HTML5 support.


Where are the FAQs?

No FAQs, yet.


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