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BoaCompra Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Developer ipag
Update Time Jan. 18, 2022, 4:23 a.m.
PHP Version: 5.6 +
WordPress Version: 5.8
Copyright: GPLv2 or later
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1.0.0 2.0.0


BoaCompra Payment Gateway for WooCommerce allows merchants to accept over 140 Latin American payment methods directly on your website, thus helping boost sales and conversions in the region. Our features provide the best payment experience for your customers and include installments and refunds. They are all available by following a few installation steps and do not require technical knowledge. [youtube] Main advantages Features available About BoaCompra BoaCompra by PagSeguro is the localized payment solution to access the full potential of Latin America. We offer local processing in local currency with international funds remittance without the need for a local entity and have been connecting international merchants with local payments for over 15 years. BoaCompra is part of PagBank PagSeguro, the biggest payments fintech in Latin America and a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions for all kinds and business sizes, including POS, e-commerce, and digital banking. By partnering with BoaCompra, you’ll get the following benefits: Security All sensitive information will be tokenized and saved on BoaCompra's environment. BoaCompra is PCI-DSS compliance certified, which means we follow global standards for security to assure trustworthy shopping experiences to your customers. Compatibility & Requirements Further information You can reach out to one of our payments specialists by accessing our website. Start selling now
  1. Create an account: Access our website and one of our business executives will contact you directly.
  2. Download and install our plugin: Your MerchantID and SecretKey should be available at your account. By following the step-by-step installation, you can set the plugin up by yourself.
  3. Sell to Latin America and get paid anywhere in the world: Select which payment methods are available at checkout and start selling.


Installation By accessing the Plugins directory (wp-admin/plugin-install), you can upload the plugin files or search for our plugin BoaCompra for WooCommerce. If you choose to search, please write "BoaCompra for WooCommerce" in the box at the right-hand corner and click "Install now". In the plugins area of WordPress, activate the BoaCompra for WooCommerce module. If you choose to upload our package, please use the "Add new plugin" tool (wp-admin/plugins.php). Then, in the plugins area of WordPress, activate the BoaCompra for WooCommerce module. Settings 1 - Activation Getting your MerchantID & SecretKey is the first step to create a functional integration. After registering and formalizing your contract with BoaCompra, you will receive a SecretKey, which will be used to reference your account and validate the processed payments. Your BoaCompra MerchantID & SecretKey can be found in MyAccount. With the data in hand, please access Payments in Woocommerce Settings (wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=checkout), select the payment method you wish to use and configure the respective fields. A sandbox is an isolated testing environment that enables users to run programs or execute files without affecting the actual application, system, or platform in which they run. All payment methods on our plugin have a sandbox environment so you can test the integration. To do this, you must activate the sandbox option of the desired method in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> Select the method and click ‘manage’ -> enable BoaCompra sandbox. You can change the transaction status in BoaCompra's Sandbox environment through the page: - Please use the same email and password from MyAccount. To find the transaction with the ID Order, you need to add the prefix configured in the "Invoice Prefix", concatenated with the Woocommerce order number. Note: After testing the plugin, you should remember to disable the sandbox environment, otherwise your WooCommerce store won’t run our plugin. You can set a prefix to differentiate the ID of your BoaCompra invoices. Enable the option for the module to record everything that is sent and received between your store and BoaCompra. To view the logs, click the Logs link or go to "WooCommerce> System Status> Logs> select log boacompra-payment-xxxxx.log" and click "View" to review details of what has been sent and received between your store and BoaCompra. 2 – Payment Method Our plugin provides a total of 5 payment method groups, distributed among 5 different gateways, all with their own individual settings. Customers pay with a credit card directly on your e-commerce checkout without redirections. Set the maximum number of installments accepted by the store at Credit Card Direct Checkout Settings. Select between 1 and 12 installments. Note: The interest rate may vary depending on the store's billing ceiling or your contractual negotiation with BoaCompra. The installments are shown after entering the card number, since it depends on the card's flag to inform the installment rate. After clicking on "Place order", the customer is taken to the Thank You page with information about the boleto (Bank Slip Barcode). By default, when issuing a Boleto Bancário, we show a message referring to the standard billing fee of R$1.50 for issuance. If you do not want this message to appear at checkout, email and thank you page, just uncheck the option at Boleto Bancário Settings. The e-wallet options available are PagSeguro and PayPal. When enabling this payment method, both e-wallets appear to the end-user: After clicking on "Place order", your customer will be redirected to BoaCompra Payment Page to choose among all the payment methods you have made available to him. BoaCompra handles all payment information collection, sensitive data protection, and transaction security. To enable different payment groups, please access BoaCompra Payment Page Settings: You can check all available payment methods for your country here. After clicking on "Place order", your customer will be redirected to BoaCompra Payment Page, but only see the PIX option enabled: 3 - Refunds You can offer a partial or total refund to your end-user. To make a refund request, please access the desired order at WooCommerce Orders and click on the "Refund" button. Then, set the "Refunded Total" and click the "Reimbursement R$X,XX by Payment via BoaCompra" button. The module will transmit the request to BoaCompra in real-time. If the refund cannot be completed automatically, it means BoaCompra does not allow it to be refundable. Please check the methods that are refunded here. 4 – Recurring Payments through Boleto Direct Checkout and Woocommerce Subscriptions We are integrated with Woocommerce Subscriptions so you can offer recurring payments to your customer through Boleto Bancário in Brazil. If you want this extra service offered by WooCommerce, you should purchase and install Woocommerce Subscription, then process the payment with BoaCompra. 5 – Translations The language shown in the plugin is the one settled in WordPress General Settings. Our plugin supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • Start selling now | Step 01: Create an account
  • Start Selling Now | Step 02: Download and install our plugin
  • Start Selling Now | Step 03: Sell to Latin America and get paid anywhere in the world
  • BoaCompra's Coverage | Offer customers over 140 local payment methods
  • API Checkout View | Select which payments options are available at the checkout, including credit/debit cards, cash payments and e-wallets
  • Hosted Checkout View | Select which payments options are available at checkout

Upgrade Notice:

  • First release.
  • Complete refactoring of the plugin structure.
  • Payment options into individual gateways.
  • Added support for Boleto Bancário subscriptions.
  • Added support for Multicurrency and Multilanguage
  • Added support for the PIX payment method


1.0.0 2.0.0