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Cloudinary – Image and Video Optimization, Manipulation, and Delivery

Developer Cloudinary
Update Time Sept. 13, 2022, 9:48 p.m.
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WordPress Version: 6.0.2
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Cloudinary’s award-winning plugin makes automating your image, video, and visual media workflows easy, offering a variety of features. From image and video upload through management, transformation, optimization, and global CDN delivery, all features are offered within the plugin. Users can get started in minutes with a true plug-and-play solution paired with an intuitive onboarding wizard helping deliver optimized and responsive media out-of-the-box. On top of that, users can also leverage a dashboard giving insights into optimization metrics and data usage so there are never any surprises. No matter if your use case is for personal use or business needs, the Cloudinary plugin offers enterprise quality and architecture for all. Optimize your site performance and user experience with faster page load times and advanced auto-responsive delivery, allowing you to improve your Google page rankings, Core Web Vitals, and Lighthouse scores. Publish faster while consistently delivering positive user experiences via an array of automated features such as video and image optimization, advanced responsive design, customizable lazy loading, and fast CDN delivery of assets. Display engaging visual experiences with automated quality and encoding settings, video and image resizing and cropping via AI, comprehensive transformations and effects, and delivery to any device in any resolution or pixel density. And with a full Digital Asset Management platform embedded in the plugin, you won’t need to leave your WordPress environment. Take full advantage of advanced search, AI-based tagging, rich media editing, collections, structured metadata, and an intuitive UI as well as our Video and Image APIs for headless DAM functionality, making it much easier to manage all of your media in WordPress.


Install from within WordPress Install Cloudinary manually Setting up


  • Streamline Your Creative Workflow
  • Media Editor
  • DAM-Powered Media Library
  • Easy Generation of Asset Derivatives
  • Automatically Deliver Responsive Images
  • Global Image Transformation Settings
  • Global Video Transformation Settings
  • Improve web performance with Lazy Loading assets
  • Display assets in a customizable and responsive product gallery
  • Folder and Syncing Settings
  • Additional Syncing Settings
  • Gain insight into how your assets are performing
  • Easily Configure Your Account
  • Configure your assets to be automatically optimized out-of-the-box
  • Need help? We’ve got you covered

Upgrade Notice:

Enjoy a seamless upgrade to experience the completely new look and feel of our plugin. Boasting many new features including our digital asset management platform, video player offering advanced capabilities, auto-responsive images, automatic optimizations and transformations, and much more.


3.0.8 (13 SEPTEMBER 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.7 (01 August 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.6 (25 July 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.5 (29 June 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.4 (31 May 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.3 (26 April 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.2 (08 March 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.1 (18 January 2022) Fixes and Improvements: 3.0.0 (06 December 2021) Release of a new major version of the plugin 2.7.7 (11 October 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.6 (16 August 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.5 (20 July 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.4 (23 June 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.3 (26 May 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.2 (11 May 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.1 (20 Apr 2021) Fixes and Improvements: 2.7.0 (15 Mar 2021) New Features: Fixes and Improvements: 2.6.0 (01 Feb 2021) New Features: Fixes and improvements: 2.5.0 (20 Jan 2021) New Features: Fixes and improvements: 2.4.1 (07 Jan 2021) Fixes and improvements: 2.4.0 (10 Nov 2020) New Features: Fixes and improvements: 2.3.0 (05 Oct 2020) New Features: Fixes and improvements: 2.2.1 (30 Sep 2020) Fixes and Improvements: 2.2.0 (08 Sep 2020) New Features: Fixes and Improvements: 2.1.9 (04 Aug 2020) Fixes and Improvements: 2.1.2 (09 Jun 2020) Fixes and Improvements: 2.1.1 (01 Jun 2020) New features: Fixes and Improvements: 2.0.3 (03 Apr 2020) 2.0.0 (31 Mar 2020)