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Event Tickets with Ticket Scanner

Developer Saso Nikolov
Update Time Oct. 5, 2022, 1:54 a.m.
PHP Version: 7.0 +
WordPress Version: 6.0
Copyright: GPLv3
Copyright URL: Copyright Information


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1.0.11 1.0.12 1.0.0 1.0.1 1.0.2 1.0.4 1.0.5 1.0.3 1.0.6 1.0.7 1.0.8 1.0.10 1.0.9 1.1.0


Selling event or party tickets and redeeming the tickets was never so easy. Quick start video Sell tickets for your event or party and redeem the ticket at the entrance with the free Tickets with WooCommerce plugin, from the team behind the Serial Code Validator in WordPress. You can make your tickets look unique by adding a banner, logo and background image. The same applies also for the event or party flyer. This plugin makes it easy to sell tickets and redeem them at the event location entrance for you in-person or virtual events. Easily integrate event tickets with your WooCommerce products. Install the plugin and set your products to be a event ticket product. That's it. The plugin will generate a secure ticket number and add them to the mail to your clients. It will also generate a PDF with the ticket information and QR code. The built-in ticket scanner allows you and your team to redeem the tickets by scanning the QR-code. You can even import your own ticket numbers, but it will generate them also on the fly. The freedom is in your hands. Shop: With Serial Code Generator your will be able to sell event and party tickets with your normal products. The plugin will create the code on the fly or use unused ticket numbers from your ticket number list for each sold item. Validation of ticket numbers: You customer can validate a ticket number on your page. The ticket number generator gives you a flexible pattern to generate ticket numbers upfront. You can also import your existing codes. Validation of tickets: You customer will get a link to a detail page and a PDF for each sold ticket. Build your own stolen ticket number database: Support your customer and yourself to protect stolen ticket numbers to be sold or used to others. Mark reported ticket numbers as stolen and let others check the ticket numbers with the ticket number validator. How can you setup the ticket numbers? The ticket numbers will be generated by the plugin automatically, if you do not set up ticket numbers upfront. You can enter your ticket numbers within the WP admin area in the ticket number section (a new menu point in the wordpress amdin area). You can generate your own ticket numbers manually using the ticket number generator or import existing ticket numbers. And you are also able to add your own ticket numbers by just entering them to the generated ticket numbers below the ticket number generator. If needed you can assign the ticket (numbers) to a list which helps you to organize the tickets. The ticket list need to be assigned to a WooCommerce product. Create one or more code lists to use the WooCommerce functionality. How the ticket number or code generator works You define your look and feel for your ticket numbers and codes. The generated codes will be unique. After you are satisfied with the generated ticket numbers, you can start the code adding step. The ticket adding step will check if the ticket number is unique on the server before adding it. If the ticket number exists already on the server, it will not be added. The generator provides a lot of features:


  1. Install the pluging using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Click on the menu "Event Tickets" and add lists.
  4. Edit your product to generate a event ticket.
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  • **Ticket Details Mobile** The ticket details are also optimized for mobile devices.
  • **Ticket Details Desktop** You can define what will be shown on the ticket.
  • **Ticket PDF** Your customer can download the ticket as a PDF.
  • **Options 1** Ticket options.
  • **Options 3** Created tickets backend admin area.
  • **Options 4** Ticket numbers can be pre generated if needed.
  • **Ticket scanner** Scan and redeem the tickets at the entrance on mobile and desktop devices.
  • **Ticket example** You can adjust different areas of the PDF ticket.
  • **Flyer example** You can also adjust your event or party flyer.
  • **Options 5** ADjust the information on the flyer.
  • **Product settings** You overwrite the format of the ticket number and activate the ticket sale.

Upgrade Notice:

1.0.11 Default value is changed to true for the option ro reuse not used ticket numbers within a ticket list assigned to a product 1.0.9 New option to add the amount of purchased tickets per sold item on the PDF. Database updated. You can see now the redeemed ticket information within the admin area on the data table. 1.0.5 Serial code options are removed. They do not fit with the event and party tickets approach. 1.0.4 Activate in the options the new feature to attach the calendar entry (ICS file) to your purchase emails.


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