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Extend Co-Authors Plus for FacetWP

Developer polyres
Update Time Sept. 23, 2022, 8:49 p.m.
PHP Version: 4.8 +
WordPress Version: 6.0
Copyright: GPLv2


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This plugin/add-on requires the plugins FacetWP and Co-Authors Plus (WordPress plugin repository)! This free plugin/add-on integrates FacetWP with Co-Authors Plus, allowing you to use Co-Author Plus custom fields for front-end search and filtering in a facet. With the help of Extend Co-Authors Plus for FacetWP, you can create a lable and choose the data source "co-authors" for your page or post.


  1. Install and activate FacetWP, Co-Authors Plus, and this add-on
  2. Browse to Settings → FacetWP to add a new facet
  3. Select the Co-Authors field from within the facet’s Data Source dropdown


  • Posts with Coauthors
  • The new Data source in the facetwp settings page
  • Example for an facet list, filterd by co-authors


Can your plugin also be translated into other languages?

Yes, the plugin can be translated into many languages via WordPress Translate.

Can I really use this plugin free of charge?

Yes, Extend Co-Authors Plus for FacetWP is available for free.

Does Extend Co-Authors Plus for FacetWP share any of my data? (GDPR)

No, Extend Co-Authors Plus for FacetWP stores no data, it simply adds a new facet for an existing taxonomy. There is no data transmitted to us or a third party service.


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