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News Aggregator

Developer twicetwomedia
Update Time April 1, 2020, 10:50 a.m.
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PHP Version: 5.6 +
WordPress Version: 5.4
Copyright: GPLv3
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Get real-time news for your site. Easily display real-time news by topic on your website. This plugin offers simple news aggregation feeds that can be displayed anywhere on your site. Choose a topic and easily display relevant and current news for your users. News topics to choose from: Trending, Astronomy, Business, Culture, Economy, Entertainment, Environment, Food, Health, Investing, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Personal Finance, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology, Travel, Weird, World.


Simply upload the News Aggregator plugin and activate News Aggregator within wp-admin settings. Links


Is News Aggregator free to use?

Yes. You can make use of our plugin for free by getting a free API key, you will have free, unlimited access to our Trending News feed.

Am I free to choose any news topic from the list?

Repeating above: If you opt to use our plugin and news aggregation for free by utilizing a free API key, you will have free, unlimited access to the Trending News feed. If you wish to add news to your site from one of our other 20+ categories, consider purchasing one of our affordable paid plans. Resources In-depth Details About Our News Aggregation API Detailed Plugin Installation & Implementation Guide


0.1.5 Release Date - Mar 31, 2020 0.1.4 Release Date - Jan 31, 2020 0.1.3 Release Date - Sep 12, 2019 0.1.3 Release Date - Sep 12, 2019 0.1.2 Release Date - Jul 23, 2019 0.1.1 Release Date - July 15, 2019