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Patreon Connect: Patron Memberships

Developer UIUX
Update Time June 22, 2017, 4 p.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 4.0 +
WordPress Version: 4.8


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Harness the power of Patreon Connect in combination with other membership plugins such as Paid Memberships Pro. A Patrons contribution level will be matched with a corresponding membership level allowing you to utilise the potential of your Patreon campaign with the full suite of functionality offered with a large memberships plugin. Patrons will be treated as having the same membership level with the equivalent contrbution amounts. Currently only Paid Memberships Pro is featured, but if you would like to see any other memberships plugins support please get in touch with me @ my website Patreon Connect allows users to login to your websites with Patreon. You can restrict access to content by setting a default contribution level. You control who can see what.