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Pico gives you all the tools you need to turn your site into an audience business. No need to redesign your site, learn to code, or hire a developer. FOR EMAIL SIGNUPS and NEWSLETTERS Register users while you collect emails. Pico’s email pop-ups and landing pages register users on your site in seconds (no password needed). Offer free and paid newsletters side by side. Easily offer any combination of free and paid newsletters. Engagement data that matter. Transform your email list into a sales funnel. Keep track of how often a user visits, when they last visited your site, and even what content categories they read the most. Easy on-site integration. Use Pico’s pre-made templates, with high-converting Facebook and Google sign-in buttons built-in. Or connect with your own email embed forms on site with just one line of code. FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS and MEMBERSHIPS The easiest way to sell access to your content. Launch a subscription paywall or membership program in minutes with checkout flows that are sure to convert. Manage members and leads in the same place. Pico is the only subscription and membership tool with a built-in CRM that helps you keep track of who’s paying and who’s about to pay. Expand your customer base with group subscriptions. Pico makes it easy to sell subscriptions to groups of any size. Sell to schools, local businesses, corporations, or other large groups. Pico can validate by code, domain, or email. Just want to collect donations? Pico is the easiest way to offer donations via Stripe directly on your site or via landing page. All with Pico’s CRM and email signup tools built in. Effortless setup. No coding required. Pico can be up and running on your site in minutes. And the Pico Publisher App makes setting up all types of models – from multiple pricing tiers, metered paywalls, ‘freemium’ access, and trials – a breeze. INTEGRATIONS Pico integrates directly with Mailchimp and Stripe.


  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to PluginsAdd New and either upload Pico (if you’ve already downloaded the plugin), or search for “Pico” in the WordPress plugin directory and click Install Now.
  2. Activate the plugin in the Plugins menu of your WordPress dashboard.
  3. If you haven’t already, create a free Pico account.
  4. Enter your Publisher ID and API Key from


  • One-click email signup forms, with Facebook and Google options to increase conversion.
  • Pico payment prompts are desktop-and mobile-optimized for maximum conversion.
  • Pico's menu widget slips right into the corner of your site.
  • Keep users' registration, payment, and on-site engagement data all in one place.
  • Quickly launch membership, subscription paywall, or paid newsletter offers.
  • Target registration and monetization popups at just the right moment.


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