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Royal Elementor Addons (Header Footer Builder, Popups, Post Grid, Woocommerce Product Grid, Slider, Parallax Image, Free Elementor Widgets & Elementor Templates. Elementor WooCommerce Builder)

Developer WP Royal
Update Time Sept. 26, 2022, 9:03 p.m.
PHP Version: 5.6 +
WordPress Version: 6.0.2
Copyright: GPLv3
Copyright URL: Copyright Information


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1.3.48 1.3.49 1.3.50 1.3.29 1.3.32 1.3.43 1.3.24 1.3.28 1.3 1.3.21 1.3.31 1.3.30 1.3.39 1.3.35 1.3.42 1.3.27 1.3.41 1.3.44 1.2 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.3.33 1.3.34 1.3.36 1.3.37 1.0.0 1.3.22 1.3.23 1.3.25 1.3.40 1.3.45 1.3.47 1.1.0 1.3.26 1.3.46 1.3.38


Royal Addons for Elementor is the most versatile, intuitive, and easy to use Elementor Page Builder extension. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to make things happen, efficiently, and fast compare to other elementor plugins. Choosing us is not only a mindset, but it is also a requirement if you intend to gain an edge over your competitors when creating your website. The best part is that you can design anything without having to touch a single line of code. Comes with 70+ widgets, 40+ Elementor Template KIT (Growing Each Week), Theme Builder, Elementor WooCommerce Builder, Popup Builder, Premade Widget Blocks & Extensions for Elementor. Creative and self-intuitive elementor widgets to take your WordPress website to the next level. All widgets are Free and the Pro Version offers even more advanced functionality. Free and Pro functionalities are mixed in the Widget Demos below. Plugin Demo Page Elementor Templates Demo Page Woocommerce Elementor Templates Demo Page Widget List: Elementor Woocommerce Widgets: Elementor Extensions and Other Features Elementor Wocommerce Builder Templates Kits Elementor Theme Builder Templates Kits Elementor Templates Kits How to Import Template Kit: Navigate to plugin Menu > Templates Kit > Select Kit you want to import > Click on the import Template Kit button. Demo Data will be installed from What's imported: Posts, pages, images in the media library, menu items, some basic settings like which page will be set as homepage, premade headers, and premade footers, popups if demo includes it. If you already have posts, pages, or any other data in your WordPress none of them will be deleted. Widgets Description:


Note : This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor installed.
  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly, or Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/royal-elementor-addons directory,
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar menu -> Royal Addons
  4. Also you can see all Widgets under the category “Royal Elementor Addons” inside Elementor editor in your element/widget list.
If you have any questions please check out FAQ page or contact us via this Contact form


We have a query not addressed here, how can we contact you?

Feel free to contact use anytime via this Contact form

Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor since it's an addon for Elementor.

Elementor editor fails to load or not working?

It's due to your server PHP settings. Increase your server PHP memory limit from the wp-config.php file or php.ini file. If you don't have an idea about it. Please contact your hosting provider and ask to increase this parameters

  • PHP memory_limit = 512M
  • max_execution_time = 300

Does it work with any theme?

YES! It will work with any theme where Elementor works.

Will your plugin affect the performance of my site?

We run tests to ensure the speed of the site is not affected when you activate our Elementor addons. We provide a way for you to deactivate those Elementor modules that you do not require for your site to avoid loading them unnecessarily on the pages built with Elementor page builder.

What if I update to Premium version?

Your existing Elementor elements & content will work with premium version. So you won't lose your developed contents or any elementor elements.

Can I use Royal Elementor Addons on a site?

Since the plugin is hosted on, it is available on as well. However, you may need to opt for a business plan to install/activate third-party plugins on

Does it work with Elementor Pro ?

Yes, undoubtedly.

What Are the Recommended PHP Settings

Minimum php version 5.6 memory_limit 256M or more post_max_size 64M


Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.50 - 2022-09-23 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.49 - 2022-09-22 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.48 - 2022-09-13 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.47 - 2022-08-10 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.46 - 2022-08-04 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.45 - 2022-07-027 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.44 - 2022-06-03 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.43 - 2022-31-05 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.42 - 2022-29-04 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.40 - 2022-19-04 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.39 - 2022-12-04 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.38 - 2022-04-06 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.37 - 2022-04-04 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.36 - 2022-28-03 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.34 - 2022-18-03 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.33 - 2022-4-03 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.32 - 2022-24-02 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.30 - 2022-14-02 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.29 - 2022-7-02 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.28 - 2022-2-02 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.27 - 2022-31-01 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.26 - 2022-21-01 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.25 - 2021-12-24 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.23 - 2021-12-09 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.22 - 2021-12-03 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.21 - 2021-11-22 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3.2 - 2021-11-19 Royal Elementor Addons v1.3 - 2021-10-29 Royal Elementor Addons v1.2 - 2021-09-24 Royal Elementor Addons v1.0 - 2021-08-14