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Store Locator Plus® for WordPress

Developer charlestonsw
Update Time Sept. 6, 2022, 8:18 a.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 5.8 +
WordPress Version: 6.0.2
Copyright: GPL3


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SLP | WordPress Plugins | Documentation | Demo Help your site visitors find your business with Store Locator Plus®. Map 10 or tens-of-thousands of locations across the globe. Highly customizable location search and directory building is possible with our premium add ons. The base plugin if fully functional and as no location limit restrictions and includes all of the main features you need to get a locator installed quickly and easily on your site. Store Locator Plus® has all the features you need to create a location finder on your website. Whether you have ten locations or ten-thousand, you can manage them with WordPress. There is no special programming or extra setup required. Enter your locations, create a page and put the SLPLUS short code on it. The Store Locator Plus® search form and map will "magically" appear. The Store Locator Plus® plugin is used by some of the biggest international brands like Bosch, Blue Bell Creamery, Feeding America, Goodwill, Old Spaghetti Factory, and The Big Green Egg. Features 插件 Get It All with a Premier Subscription This optional subscription service is a great way to support the plugin. The subscription is not required; your base plugin as well as any add-on packs will always remain fully functional. The Premier Subscription gives subscribers access to Premier-Member-only sections of the site including a "always first" support forum where questions are answered within 1 business day and follow on direct email is provided for more complex questions or issues. Subscription pricing is locked in at the original price when signing up even as the features and services grow. Premier subscriptions include the Premier Plugin with new features added on a regular basis. WooCommerce integration, territories, cluster map markers, and more come with the Premier add on. Customize The User Experience with the Experience add-on. Enterprise Location Management and Reporting via Power Support Support for the plugin can be found in the Forums. You can also view the Product Documentation for more information. Officially supports PHP 7.4. Tested successfully with PHP 8.0. PHP 8.1 is NOT SUPPORTED at this time. It may work, but PHP 8.1 made breaking changes to static method variables. This has not been fully tested with PHP 8.1. Our Philosophy We strive to create code that runs efficiently and without bugs. Well-written plugins are few and far between. While there are plenty of plugins that look nice, many of those plugins, including the "cool shiny ones" have hidden problems. Over 90% of the plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory generate dozens, if not hundreds, of warnings and errors when you turn off the "hide all the problems" (WP_DEBUG) settings. These hidden problems impact memory usage, fill up disk space, and reduce performance. While you may not see the errors on your WordPress site, they are still being tracked. The more errors, the more disk I/O, the slower the app. We have found that leaving "innocuous" warnings in place tends to lead to trouble further down the road. Warnings today often become errors tomorrow. Many programming languages, PHP included, continue to tighten security and close loopholes that are typically found living near warning messages. Some warnings are telling you to "change this now, it will be gone tomorrow". Eventually tomorrow will come. We try to make sure that all the hidden stuff you don't see is designed as well as it can be. When we do hear about a bug we fix it fast. We like to write plugins that last. We hope you appreciate our work.


You can find the Getting Started With Store Locator Plus® Video on YouTube. Requirements Main Plugin
  1. Search for "Store Locator Plus®" via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Click install.
  3. Get a Google API key and save it under the General / Server / API Key settings.
  4. Add your locations through the 'Locations' page in the Store Locator admin panel
  5. Create or edit a page and add the [SLPLUS] shortcode.
If you do not want to deal with Google billing, API keys, and all that goes with setting that up properly -- check out our SaaS offering.


  • Big Map Plugin Style on Big Map WordPress Theme
  • Manage Locations Interface
  • Search Settings with [Experience Add On](
  • Map Settings
  • Plugin Style Selector
  • Cluster Markers with [Premier Add On](
  • SEO via [Power Add On](
  • Bulk Import with [Power Add On](
  • Directions from results link


Privacy Policy

By using Store Locator Plus® on your website you should incorporate the following on your site: Third Party Site’s Use of Store Locator Plus® Privacy Policy By default the Store Locator Plus® plugin does NOT have geolocation detection and will not ask for your user's latitude and longitude. Location services are available via the Store Locator Plus® SaaS Service on the Professional or Enterprise level. By default the Store Locator Plus® plugin does NOT record location searches or other data when using the maps. You CAN enable that tracking with the reporting feature in the Store Locator Plus® SaaS Service on the Professional or Enterprise level.

What are the Add Ons?

Add ons extend the functionality of the plugin beyond the basic service and features and can be purchased ala-carte. This gives those customers who want more out of the plugin the extra features they desire while keeping the main plugin as efficient as possible for everyone else. It also provides a great way to support future development while getting a "little something extra" when contributing to the development of the product. All plugins are true add-on packs. They are non-destructive OPTIONAL additions to the base plugin. They do not require the base plugin to be uninstalled or re-installed. Installing an add-on pack will not change location data or modify base plugin settings.

What is the Store Locator Plus® SaaS (MySLP)?

Store Locator Plus® SaaS is our hosted software-as-a-service for Store Locator Plus®. We install the software on our servers where you will login to manage locations and setup the locator user experience via the map settings. This is a paid monthly service and includes all Google Map fees. It is NOT required to use the WordPress plugins.

What is the difference between Store Locator Plus® SaaS and the WordPress plugins?

Store Locator Plus® SaaS requires no downloads or software installation. With Store Locator Plus® SaaS you are given a small JavaScript snippet that you can put on any web page -- not just WordPress sites. For sites that have a more than 8,000 map views, our Store Locator Plus® SaaS overage rates are 20% less than Google's API direct billing. The Store Locator Plus WordPress plugins are downloadable zip files that you install on your self-managed WordPress site. The base plugin is free. The add ons are paid , but once you purchase and install them you own them. You are responsible for keeping them updated and making sure the web hosting plan you are using can handle the technical requirements. You must also setup and manage your own Google API Keys and have a credit card on file with Google. They will bill you based on how many map views and address lookups you ask them to handle.

What are the terms of the license?

The license is GPL. Learn more on the License Terms page.

How can I translate the plugin into my language?

Store Locator Plus® is now part of the WordPress Translate system. You can translate this readme file and the text strings in the main Store Locator Plus® plugin at Translate.WordPress.Org. For the Add Ons, the language files are distributed with each add-on pack. If you translate an Add On send the .po and .mo files to

How do I report a problem?

Post in the support forum. You can also contact us via our online form.


Follow our Release Notes for detailed updates. 2208.15 5.14 5.13 5.12 5.11 5.10 5.9 5.8