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WP Photo Album Plus

Developer opajaap
Update Time Oct. 4, 2022, 2:07 a.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 5.5 +
WordPress Version: 6.0
Copyright: GPLv2 or later
Copyright URL: Copyright Information


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This plugin is more than just a photo album plugin, it is a complete, highly customizable multimedia content management and display system. Features: Plugin Admin Features: You can find the plugin admin section under Menu Photo Albums on the admin screen. Translations:




  • Typical display of album covers
  • Typical display of thumbnails as seen by the owner of the photos and the administrator
  • Upper part of a slideshow
  • Lower part of a slideshow, including filmstrip, rating and comment sections and exif data. all included optional features
  • Album admin: the table of albums
  • Album admin: the album specifications edit screen
  • Album admin: edit photo information screen
  • Bulk edit photo information screen
  • Photo sequence editor screen
  • Comment admin and moderation screen
  • Photo of the day configuration screen
  • Embedded lightbox example
  • The quick setup screen

Upgrade Notice:

  • This version addresses various bug fixes, feature requests and security fixes.


What do i have to do when converting to multisite?

Which other plugins do you recommend to use with WPPA+, and which not?

  • Recommended plugins: qTranslate, Comet Cache, Cube Points, Simple Cart & Buy Now.
  • Plugins that break up WPPA+: My Live Signature.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress will break the slideshow in most cases when Track outbound clicks & downloads: has been checked in its configuration.

Which themes have problems with wppa+ ?

  • Photocrati has a problem with the wppa+ embedded lightbox when using page templates with sidebar.

Are there special requirements for responsive (mobile) themes?

  • No, WPPA+ is responsive by default

After update, many things seem to go wrong

  • After an update, always clear your browser cache (CTRL+F5) and clear your temp internetfiles, this will ensure the new versions of js files will be loaded.
  • And - most important - if you use a server side caching program (like W3 Total Cache) clear its cache.
  • Make sure any minifying plugin (like W3 Total Cache) is also reset to make sure the new version files are used.
  • Visit the Photo Albums -> Settings page -> Table VIII-A1 and press Do it!
  • When upload fails after an upgrade, one or more columns may be added to one of the db tables. In rare cases this may have been failed. Unfortunately this is hard to determine. If this happens, make sure (ask your hosting provider) that you have all the rights to modify db tables and run action Table VII-A1 again.

How does the search widget work?

How can i translate the plugin into my language?

How do i install a hotfix?


See for the full changelog: The documentation website