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Advanced meta widget

Developer sjiamnocna
Update Time Aug. 25, 2015, 3:08 p.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 2.5 +
WordPress Version: 4.3
Copyright: GPLv2 or later


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Advanced meta widget adds new widget which lets you select what to display. Developers can simply add new functions (items that can be added to widget).


Unpack archive contents into plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/) and activate it in Wordpress admin. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and add Advanced meta widget to your widget area. Then set all settings to what you want. Enjoy :)


  • Thats how it appears in Appearance->Widgetss
  • When logged in with all options checked
  • When logged out with all options checked


1.1 Tested on 4.3 Removed old class constructor (for PHP 7 and WP 4.3+) 1.0.1 *tested and fixed on WP 4.1 1.0 *Completely changed to better work and extensivity for developers 0.9.3 *Fixing some bugs 0.9.2 *Added option to chose what type of RSS to use for posts RSS link and option to change the url for some languages. 0.9.1 *Some bux fixes 0.9 *Added option to chose what HTML elements will be used for generating widget - you can chose if you want div and paragraph or list items 0.8.1 *Fixed troubles with screenshots 0.8 *Created as each new plugin to add some new functions to Wordpress installation