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PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry

Developer amandato
Update Time Aug. 5, 2022, 9:47 p.m.
Donation URL: donation
PHP Version: 5.2 +
WordPress Version: 6.0
Copyright: GPLv2 or later


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No. 1 Podcasting plugin for WordPress. [youtube] PowerPress Podcasting Plugin is to Publish and manage your podcast directly from your WordPress website, building your brand on your website. Developed by podcasters for podcasters (Blubrry Podcasting), the PowerPress podcast plugin works with all podcasting apps and platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Etc. Best of all, it integrates with Blubrry’s podcast hosting and statistics, providing convenient features such as easy upload directly within your dashboard. The plugin works with any podcast host. PowerPress Key Features Get Started Feel at ease with our Get Started setup guide. We’ll take you through settings and options best suited for your podcast.
  1. Essential settings: Quickly set the groundwork for your podcast and finalize your website setup.
  2. Podcast content: Create and publish your first episode online!
  3. On to the masses: Submit your podcast to directories like Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music and more!
When you feel ready, head to PowerPress Settings and tap into additional options and features. Integrated Media Players Blubrry PowerPress includes extensive player options to display your podcast audio and video on your site. Integrated Subscribe Tools A Blubrry PowerPress exclusive! Our subscription tools help you convert website visitors into podcast subscribers. Subscribe options include: Streamlined Features for Blubrry Hosting Customers Make your life easier by using our podcast hosting and statistics services to streamline your podcast productivity. All Blubrry statistics are IAB Certified Compliant. Free Statistics are FREE to anyone. Our Standard Statistics are included with Blubrry hosting plans. Or you can purchase Advanced Statistics for $5 a month. Migrating from other Podcast Plugins Please see detailed instructions for migrating from podPress, TGS Podcasting Plugin and Seriously Simple Podcasting. Note: Advanced settings such as settings for podcast categories will need to be recreated in PowerPress. Migrating from another service such as Libsyn, PodBean, SoundCloud, or Squarespace? Importing your podcast feed(s) into PowerPress is super easy! Simply paste your RSS feed URL into PowerPress’ Import Podcast tool. Importing your existing RSS feed into PowerPress pulls your episode posts into your site, then you can optionally migrate your media to your Blubrry Podcast Hosting account with only a couple of clicks. PowerPress in Your Language PowerPress is available in a number of languages. Starting with PowerPress 7.0, translations have been managed through, making translations easier to set up and update. If you’re interested in translating PowerPress, please contact us. Translators will receive the following from us as a thank you for contributing: Need Help? Contact the Blubrry Support team and look through the PowerPress documentation we’ve created. Contributors Translators Support Blubrry Social Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube


Point and Click Installation
  1. Sign into your blog, go to the plugins section and click 'Add New'.
  2. In the search box enter "PowerPress", then click 'Search'.
  3. Click the 'Install Now' link and proceed to install the plugin.
  4. Once installed, click 'Activate'.
  5. Configure your Blubrry PowerPress by going to the Settings > Blubrry PowerPress page.
Manual Installation To install Blubrry PowerPress manually, follow these steps:
  1. Download PowerPress from
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a temporary folder.
  3. Copy the entire powerpress folder from the downloaded zip file into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.
  4. Activate the "Blubrry PowerPress" plugin in your blog's Plugin Management page.
  5. Configure your Blubrry PowerPress by going to the Settings > Blubrry PowerPress page.
Next Major Release Announcements Fan of PowerPress and want to show your support? If you are a fan of PowerPress, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment and leave us a review on Your support is greatly appreciated!


  • PowerPress's Simple Mode will walk you through setting up your podcast in 3 easy steps.
  • Just like blogging, podcasting utilizes blog posting features with the addition of a podcast episode box. Yes, podcasting is that simple!
  • PowerPress integrates seamlessly with Blubrry Podcast Hosting's exclusive player.
  • PowerPress comes with a built-in subscribe sidebar widget to help your audience subscribe to your podcast.
  • PowerPress comes with an editable subscribe page builder with a subscribe embed tool to help your web visitors subscribe.
  • PowerPress's Advanced Mode settings let you dig in as deep as you want to with every possible setting for podcasting at your fingertips.
  • PowerPress incorporates the built-in WordPress media players into your blog posts and pages.

Upgrade Notice:



Compatible Themes and Plugins

Most themes and plugins are compatible with PowerPress. PowerPress is developed and tested using the default themes packaged with WordPress. These themes use WordPress best practices and adhere to theme rules set by Any child theme based on these themes should also work without issue. If you are having a problem, try Diagnosing Feed and/or Player Issues. If you are having a problem specifically with the player and links, try the "Having issues?" option under PowerPress Settings > Website > PowerPress Shortcodes tab. Visit Resolving Plugin or Theme Conflicts for details.

Premium podcasting themes compatible with PowerPress

Second Line Themes are designed specifically to take advantage of built-in features, settings, and podcast episode metadata in PowerPress. The Blubrry team works with the Appendipity team during beta testing and major WordPress releases to make sure the Podcast Pro theme and PowerPress work together seamlessly.

Why doesn't Blubrry PowerPress support multiple enclosures in one feed item/post?

PowerPress does not allow you to include multiple media files for one feed item (blog post). This is because each podcatcher handles multiple enclosures in feeds differently. Apple Podcasts will download the first enclosure that it sees in the feed ignoring the rest. Other podcatchers and podcasting directories either pick up the first enclosure or the last in each post item. This inconsistency, combined with the fact that Dave Winer does not recommend multiple enclosures, is why the Blubrry PowerPress does not support them. As an alternative, PowerPress allows you to create additional custom podcast feeds and channels to associate any magnitude of media format and/or length in a blog post to specific custom feeds. For example, you can create one blog post associated with separate video and audio podcast feeds, saving you time from entering your show notes twice.

Why doesn't Blubrry PowerPress include media statistics built-in?

Blubrry's PowerPress does not include media statistics built-in. This is not because Blubrry has its own statistics service, although that's a good reason by itself. Maintaining and calculating statistics is a resource and server intensive task that would detract from an otherwise efficient WordPress podcasting plugin. We recommend using your media hosting's web statistics to give you basic download numbers and, if you are seeking more granular measurements, such as client and geographical information for each episode, you're more than welcome to use the Blubrry Statistics service as well.

How do you insert the player within a blog post?

You can insert the media player within your blog posts by using the WordPress shortcode feature. The shortcode for PowerPress is [powerpress] (all lowercase). You may use the shortcode to add a player to other media files (non episode files) by specifying the media url in the shortcode: [powerpress url=""] For advanced users with multiple podcast feeds, you may insert the player for a specific feed by specifying the feed slug in the shortcode: [powerpress feed="podcast"] If you want to specify a cover image, add an image attribute which points to the specific image url: [powerpress image=""] This is an experimental feature.

Why can't you upload large media files?

File uploads are tricky to handle because there are so many web hosting variations with different upload size limits. We recommend using an FTP application to upload large media files. FTP is much more efficient than web based uploads and is typically provided by nearly all web hosting providers. Alternatively, you can sign up for a Blubrry hosting plan, which makes file uploads in PowerPress easier.

The Media Player does not appear on my site (or the RSS feed is invalid)

This can happen when there is a theme or plugin conflict. Please visit our Diagnosing Feed and/or Player Issues for instructions how to resolve such issues.


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